At Smart Coffee, we are the smart alternative for value, full flavoured intensity and variety.   Our journey started not too long ago but since then, we have sold millions of capsules internationally, exciting the palates of coffee lovers worldwide.

Our name Smart Coffee was chosen wisely – Smart does not only refer to intelligence but an array of an individual’s characteristics. By choosing Smart Coffee you are a vibrant, stylish and savvy individual.

Not having the celebrity assistance like some other leading brands does not phase us. We don’t believe we need to splurge on superficial marketing because our coffee speaks for itself.  We would rather concentrate on creating the best tasting capsules available. We source the most premium coffee beans from Ethiopia, Central and South America to create a range of flavours every coffee connoisseur will enjoy.

We have international connections in over twenty countries  and  our products are available in a growing number of independent grocery stores, other retail outlets and online through Smart Coffee’s growing network.

At Smart Coffee, our vision is to change the attitudes and beliefs embedded in the leading capsule community. We want people to see the potential –and to use their alternate branded machine and change the worldwide norm of capsule use.

Smart Coffee has advanced innovative technology and we are continuously looking for the latest and best production methods.

Our range of machines and Nespresso® equivalent capsules has recently expanded and we are one of the world’s first to offer Dolce Gusto compatible capsules. So much is happening and  this is just the beginning of our story… There is so much more to come.