Are our pods recyclable? This is one of our most frequently asked questions.

The answer is Yes! The Smart Coffee capsule as a whole however, cannot be recycled by simply tossing in the trash. Each capsule is comprised of a combination of plastic, aluminium and organic material (coffee grounds). So all components can be recycled separately through a series of quick and easy steps.

To recycle your Smart Coffee capsules, follow these steps:

  1. Open used pod, let it cool then make a small incision in the aluminium.
  2. Peel aluminium seal off plastic carefully and dispose of via your council provided recycling bin.
  3. Empty coffee grounds into a container or jar for future reusable options.
  4. Thoroughly rinse and dry plastic capsule. You can dispose of via your council provided recycling bin.

The components need to be separated into correct categories to ensure capability of recycling or composting. As there are no universal recycling standards, please ensure your local waste facility accommodates capsule separated elements.

Spent coffee grounds have a number of recyclable options. We’ve put together a few inventive suggestions on how you can use your left over coffee grounds.


  • Organic Fertiliser: Sparingly sprinkle coffee grounds in the soil of plants that thrive off organic material in the soil. This can improve drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil.
  • Natural Abrasive: Surprisingly you can use spent coffee grounds as a natural cleaning abrasive free from harmful chemicals. The organic abrasive can be used for cleaning greasy pans and other tough places to clean.
  • Insect Repellent: An organic ant rid, place coffee grounds anywhere outside that you have an ant issue. It will act as a barrier at your doorsteps and window.
  • Compost: Coffee grounds are an organic sustainable edition to your compost and we are sure worms will flourish as well as the compost.


  • Homemade Antioxidant Body Scrub Exfoliate: With three simple ingredients, ½ cup of coconut oil, 1 cup of spent coffee grounds and 1 cup of salt or raw sugar you are ready to create your own at home beauty pamper exfoliate. Melt coconut oil and allow to cool. Then mix remaining ingredients together and store in an airtight jar. Caffeine is said to help reduce cellulite, smoothing and firming of skin.
  • Smokey Meat Marinade: By combining coffee grounds with desired herbs and a large dash of balsamic vinegar you can create a perfect marinade for you next steak.


Plastic capsules can also be reused if not recycled.

  • Gardening: Use capsules as tiny planters for initial seed growth.
  • Children Craft: The kids can create masterpieces from a necklace to a collage.
  • Herb Pods: Fill capsule with desired chopped fresh herbs and add a splash of water. Add them to your freezer to keep on hand for soups and sauces.

Why recycle?

We all can contribute to a sustainable globe and should rally together to recycle. Everyone’s participation will help reduce waste compiling and reduce the energy used to complete this process.

We hope this informative article brings awareness to our consumers.  Please do your part to help our environment. It will make your Smart Coffee taste even better!

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