Do you dread the idea of cleaning your machine? You’d be surprised to learn that you really only have to do it  after 300 uses but for a Smart Coffee addict, you might find that comes around pretty quickly! We know drinking Smart Coffee is way more fun than cleaning your machine but hopefully, this post makes the job a little easier.

Cleaning your machine regularly and removing calcium and lime deposits will not only improve the life of your machine but it will also keep your keep your Smart Coffee tasting its best so you can you enjoy your Smart Coffee even more!

These quick and easy steps will help descale your machine as quick as making a cup of coffee. Although there is a little preparation..


  • Remove all used capsules and capsule collection container.
  • Place 3 full cups of hot water into water tank.
  • Have a container that can hold up to 1 litre of water under the coffee pour spout (this ensures less mess!)


  • Purchase an effective descaling powder such as Cafetto Restore Descaler.
  • Add 1 sachet into the water tank and let it dissolve.
  • Refer to the machine manufacturer’s instructions to descale.  (This will include simultaneously pressing different buttons according to you machine model)

Cafetto Restore Descaler solution is a safe and effective solution for capsule machines. Cafetto Restore is certified as an organic cleaner by BFA and OMRI.


  • Rinse the water container.
  • Pour in fresh water in the water container.
  • Run the cycle again without the descaling solution in the water.
  • Empty and rinse the drip tray.

If you are DIY savvy you can create your own descale solution easily from items in your pantry. This may save you some cash but will add some time to the cleaning process.

DIY Descale:

  • 1 part of citric acid and to 20 parts water.


  • 50/50 ratio of vinegar/lemon juice and water.


  • Pour DIY solution into water tank.
  • Choose the highest brew cycle and press start.
  • IMPORTANT:  if you are using citric acid/lemon juice solution you will need to run 2 water cycles to rinse machine thoroughly. If vinegar is used 4-5 water only cycles are necessary to remove smell and taste.
  • Also, include additional rinsing steps above.

This simple and easy cheatsheet will help have your machine sparkling and ready to go for another 300 Smart Coffee uses in no time!


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